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Comments recieved:

Moley Mills 'Wise words, well said.

Racha Kerdsilp Hey Suzan! Great article! Thank you on behalf of Thai people. We are happy to have someone like u with full respect and understanding in our country. 

John Chu Susan, as a non thai, you have said most of it. Truly, this needs to be seen and experienced in thailand.

Omar Aboudrar Thank you Suzan. Beautiful insight about an inspiring human being.

Candace Hayward Beautiful words beautiful post!

Helena Wall Wonderful wonderful post !! Thank you so much for informing n educating me n many others .....humbly grateful for this great man....hxo.

Charmae Craig πŸ’ž awesome and shared

Adisak Pat I'm Thai. Thank you Susan.

Anne M. Buckley Amanda James. I remember when you guys asked me what the relationship was truly like between the Thais and their late King. This article sums it up perfectly if you're interested in reading about it. πŸ˜Š

Sarah Vickers Thank you very much for this, it's good to have this knowledge :)

Two Wandering Soles Yesterday was the cremation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and this is a super interesting (& quick!) read on what his country thought of him.