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  1. Workshops

    1. The power of laughter - Boosting the happy chemicals in the body, increase the breath and move past the restriction of joy.

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Where are you hiding your shine?

This is the best experience we can offer you, and the biggest transformator for your future growth.

- and never see this offered anywhere.

Where are you holding yourself back in your life, and what are some pointers how you can grow out of your impasse and move into your bigger version.

This is basically tough love, brought with your permission in the most loving manner, to light up the shadow sides of the self. This together with hope and clear suggestions for a path that you can take.

We will consult with 3 people who are close to you on what they see in you as your talents and what is holding you back. Me and my colleague with a background in addiction care, will also have an intake with you, and then develop it further into a paper, with solutions that you can use the next years to work on and refine.

Please enjoy the free intake. This already gives a lot of guidance of where in your life you might be able to grow the most with pointing your attention.

Adventure Coaching

Past your limits 1 on 1

If you run into a problem, it is common to talk about it... till you drop.

"My parents did X or Y that wrong, and that is why I can't get over Z." 

Adventure coaching is a different approach, it is practical. Taking a person by the hand, and together go past the perceived problem, and meanwhile discovering you can do so much more.

Regaining trust in yourself and tapping into your bravery.

Shadow work - It is behind our shadow where our greatest light shines. Through different exercises i can help you become aware where you are limiting your life. Where the trauma is, give space to tell your story non judgemental, and help you move into different energetic habits.

With awareness comes space to create a new and better path, and most important more joy in life.