SOCIAL Experiments & concious events

I am not special. We are all our own superhero. I hope you enjoy the content, and maybe feel inspired to ignite some adventures.

Monkey Mania event

In the Netherlands a friend and me organised two very succesfull indoor playground events for adults.  

Free Hugs The hague

Organising the free hug experiment in The Hague, in the Netherlands in cooperation with A famous dutch website with tips how to live a better live. The video got more than 25000 views, and many heartwarming comments.

Eye gazing experiment

Together with a group of friends and Sochicken we ventured to the central station in The Hague and invited the people to make connection and eye gaze for a minute, or as long as they were comfortable with. It was a stunningly beautiful day, and this video went viral as well in the Netherlands.

Homeless 101

Noticing the huge problem of homelessness in the USA, I decided to spend the night... on the street. A very scary thing for a woman alone. This is the video documenting it. It got a lot of amazing feedback and definitely enriched my life in the most unexpected ways.