Cracking the code of consciousness, and build your life from there

The people of the future are the code crackers, the ones who figure out how to do it, how to be happy, healthy, energetic, loving. — Cause really… who wants to live to 130 and be a negative drain on themselves and their environment… it would be much more awesome to be of value and appreciated and getting up every morning to want to create more beauty, art and awesome in the world. Right?

Well.. getting to that state is not always no easy — especially when life is happening… and the automatic habit has not been fully refined yet to come with the most constructive response.

When you have dirty stuff, you need to clean it up. The longer you don’t clean it up, the messier it becomes.

The messier it becomes, the more it starts influencing all parts of your life — until you really can't live with yourself anymore and need to snap out of it.

It is an art to balance your life and emotions, really, and chances are that nobody ever told you that. At least… I missed the memo.. I don’t know about you.

It is about being in integrity with yourself. Life is easier when you are in integrity with yourself. You feel better, so your expression in the world is better. You might dress better, take care of yourself better. take care of your space better, so you are happier, and your family and neighborhood will be as well. With you merely being you are an inspiration for people that there is hope. (unless there is still some resentment, which hopefully at one point will be worked trough — guess how I know that (-:).

It starts with taking care of your mind — What weeds would you let there grow right? — NO weeds! your mind is your palace and you create from what you think and believe, and yes, that needs some disciplining. So when you are stuffed with anger, jealousy, avoidance, insecurity, pride or control, I think you might be to busy in the mind to create something really beautiful in the most efficient way. You might be leashing out in subconscious behavior.

So if you first think something that is not in your highest alignment with truth or light… that can happen, the untrained mind is like a wild elephant — said almost every religion ever.

The mind can come up with all kinds of stuff, and it is infinitely powerful.. so it is to you to take care of what you create in the world. But you can already see this in your immediate vicinity — or in the bigness of the world.

What ‘triggers’ get you out of your path of positive productivity?

Cause the universe, or god, or light or whatever you think is shaped here in the dark matter. All this stuff just carries your energy. A little anger here, a little disappointment there, a little self-deceit there — and everything looks out trough that image you have of yourself. The thing is, it is all old residue. It is old stuff that still has a charge. The treasure is that there is something to learn behind that, otherwise, you would create that aspect in your reality. So it is like a little dragon head in front of your treasure, or the moon in front of the sun.

There is some darkness to conquer to be able to see the light again. It is a part of the self that is not ‘enlightened’ yet — which basically means you are not in balance on that aspect of your being, you have not cracked that code yet. But let's be honest: be all have unlimited potential and options. So what path trough that is you choosing, and let's be clear: yes you have it in you to fulfill all your dreams and be the expression of yourself that you are.🙄

The more you judge, the worse it gets. The stuckness, the heaviness. it is the art to become lighter, and cleaner, and be able to maintain it as far as possible in yourself.


Every choice you make is a choice of life-affirming, or not. It is basically choosing life or death.

Every ‘bad/negative’ choice brings you a bit closer to lower energy and death. And every difficult but truth feeling choice that supports your best life brings you a bit closer to higher energy, more pleasure and more flow.

Influence on the body

If you think about this logically, what do you think would influence your body chemistry more positive?

It might sound counterintuitive… but when you go into your fear you end up in heaven.. and when you go into the easy option you end up in a form of stuckness, that will be more and more difficult to correct. And when it does it will be more of an earthquake then a gentle rain shower.

How you feel has a relation with how you act, and how you act has a relation with how you feel.

So you can see this as a self-affirming or self-denigrating spiral.

Like Einstein said: ’The most important choice we will make is if we live in a friendly or hostile environment;’

I have spent my last years searching through traditions and religions to see and literally live how people all over the world take care of their mental hygiene. I have lived in Monasteries, and with rural people cooking on the floors, till medicines in the jungle and kabbalah in Miami. The practices are the key to grow myself again, from the inside out, and every day again, until the positive habits override the negative habit.

I have accumulated amazing Gems out of these practices, so today i share this gem so you might be able to take the pressure off in some difficult situations.

This I have learned from The Kabbalah:

When you get into a heated conversation or situation and you want to react from something that is not positive and constructive, — pause, and say; ‘What a pleasure.’

If you live in the assumption we are all one, and everything happens for your wellbeing, this situation that is playing in front of you is there for your benefit. So please, don’t shoot the messenger, but learn to receive the message — before it blows up into something crazy big.

I hope this has been of service, and please let me know if you managed to try the Kabbalah tool, or would love to hear how you handle difficult situations.

May you be healthy, may you be happy.

You are always loved