Uncover your sparkle

(we all knew it was there )



'We all create our life from the vibe we carry - so what are your habits?'

"Suzan Evolves"

Suzanne helped us amazingly with getting focus on our business; Our man-training events and company.

With a great and quick analysis about our clients and marketing, we succeeded in repositioning our man-events.

Besides that, she is a wonderful personality, with humor and very perceptive. Thanks, Suzanne!
— Auke Oostra
Wise and inspirational.
— Sylvia
You are like an Angel!
— Maneeporn Janka
The world needs more people like you.
— Jacob Bracey
What I am trying to say is: You are BIG.
— Colleen Schell
I’ve worked more than a year at Nomadz, a co-working space here in the Hague and I’m continually amazed and how much energy and creativity Suzanne brings to the space. Suzanne is always quick to make connections between “co-workers” to generate new leads and partnerships, and never fails to bring warmth and ‘gezelligheid’ to the co-working space.

Above all, her leadership over the past 6 months in bringing together the city government and countless volunteers to design and build the new, larger space has been tremendous!
— Alexander Bertram